Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Anomalies" is an exhibition of pots and paintings. It will be on view at the Linfield Art Gallery from Jan 3 to Jan 27, 2012

The pots have anomalous creatures created with gestural emphasis to accentuate their presence. The pots and paintings express my attempt to explore the nature of play in making things authentically and creatively.
Black Tea Pot
(with lizard)
Bones of Clay

With clay slip and acrylic medium I established the background by pouring and manipulating the grid-like background.
I intended to introduce color, but was compelled to simply lay the figure out in charcoal with a simple drawing.
Dream Dancing

This is larger, 60" x 60".
As I gazed on what had so far done nothing to suggest a figure, I decided to make a random mark with charcoal. More marks, some erasing, paint and wiping...

I played with the lines, changing everything until the figure came gradually out of the chaos.
In lazy Pause, Idles Her Thoughts

Girl with Goldfish

Mohammed and Marilyn
Young Girl with Lemon

This one is a teaser as the title suggests a female figure in the composition somewhere...
New American Girl

One of the first in this series of "Anomalies",
it is acrylic on canvas and began as the background
was developed. Gradually, a figure began to emerge
and the composition suggested a fairly realistic
figure in an anomalous background. This was my thought process as paintings suggested themselves. The first marks were usually random color until an idea formed. A few strokes of charcoal, and the figure emerged. Always in a surprising fashion.

"Woman and the Red Door"

(the frame is from a Catholic Church in
Anchorage, Alaska, circa 1870)

South east corner

Northwest corner


These are acrylic on canvas featuring figures in anomalous settings. Sixteen paintings from 2011.
(mostly summer and fall)

"Anomalies", new show in January